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new wishes at your feet

Company - History

Our company has been born of decades of experience together with a great passion for a fascinating product; leather footwear.

We are an organisation that cares about the effects of its activities on the environment and takes action to minimise their impact. We have a responsible environmental outlook, which is reflected in the way we choose our suppliers and in our integrity in providing the best possible working conditions for our staff.

Our staff consists of around 40 professionals with an average of 20 years’ experience and knowledge, something which endorses our recent entrance into this market sector and which can be seen in the story of our success. The social responsibilities to which our workers are scrupulously held are intended to foster, in a peaceful way, the most professional working environment possible, so that all members feel part of a supportive team and an integral part of a community working towards the same goals.

Company - Facilities

We are based in S. João da Madeira (around 50km from Porto airport), precisely and strategically placed in a region traditionally associated with the production of best quality leather shoes.

Company - Equipment

Newaim has been fully equipped by the leading company within this sector. We make use of cutting-edge technology to ensure not only maximum productivity alongside best quality, but increased energy savings, guaranteeing our capacity for providing a fast and efficient service.

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Production - Design

We are wholly dedicated to the manufacture of footwear and its components. Our operations encompass the creation, design and development of men's, women's and children’s shoes.

In our department of development and design, traditional know-how is combined with modern digital technology to consolidate a superior quality service.

We are dedicated to supporting our clients, by producing products which represent the best of both quality and price, and without compromising our strict commitment to timely deliveries.

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Production - Materials

The selection criteria we use for our suppliers is based on a precise evaluation of the quality of service and materials, with a constant insistence on meeting international standards for products which are prohibited or are harmful to the environment.

Our products embody comfort, well-being, design, quality and wishes fulfilled - and our new aim is to lay all your hopes and dreams at your feet.


+351 256 092 747
Rua Mestre de Aviz, n.º 96
3700-053 S. João da Madeira